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In the autumn of 2008 Dawn and myself undertook an overland expedition to Morocco...

This was our first trip of this kind and was intended to be a trial run for a bigger journey at some time in the future. We had been inspired by Dawns' brother Gary, who had recently returned from a safari holiday in Kenya.

Whilst doing some research I discovered the Africa Overland Network and came to realise that there were many other people traveling the world, by motorbike, 4x4 and in camper vans; they were having wild adventures - seeing and doing incredible things.

Having read just the first few pages of Chris Scott's book, 'Sahara Overland', I really started to get hooked. This inspiring work not only convinced me that a Toyota Landcruiser was the way to go, but also left me really keen to explore the south of Morocco and some of the desert routes, or pistes as they are known; many of which he describes in great detail.

We could not have got this far without the help of our new found online friends at The HUBB and ELCO, not to mention the many other internet sites devoted to travel and overlanding. This website is an account of our trip and an attempt to give something back; we hope you find it entertaining and useful.

Paul Driver
14th December 2008

Full length feature - 60 mins
Five minute mini episodes

Episode One
And we're off

Episode Two
The road to Erg Chebbi

Episode Three
I think we're stuck Jim

Episode Four
Guess where we are?

Episode Five
Did you see those chipmonks?

Episode Six
Atlantic coast and Marrkesh

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